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    This transversal MathTech training track was launched in September 2022 by the Ecole Doctorale Mathématique Jacques Hadamard (EDMH). The course is the fruit of over a year's work with the FMJH's strategic think-tank , made up of representatives from companies of all sizes and characteristics, as well as with EDMH management and the doctoral students themselves.

    The aim of this pathway is to better prepare doctoral students in all branches of mathematics for their professional future, particularly outside the academic research sector. The "MathTech Challenge" is the highlight of this program. Follow-up to this challenge, as well as other training elements enabling students to acquire the "soft skills" they need to evolve in the socio-professional world, is provided by the iWips training organization.

    All these training elements are made available on the ADUM tool, enabling EDMH doctoral students to register for them throughout the three years of their doctoral studies.

    MathTech challenge