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    The FMJH's corporate relationship was built on the privileged relationship the FMJH has with its historical sponsor EdF and the joint initiative to create a thematic program to stimulate research advances in a key area for applications: optimization. Since 2012, EdF's support has never wavered, and today this thematic program entitled PGMO s still generously supported by EdF.

    The existence of PGMO and its calls for projects has led to multiple, cross-fertilization between academic researchers on the Paris-Saclay campus, but also well beyond, in France and abroad. Another positive spin-off effect has emerged over time. It turned out that most of the post-docs recruited in academic laboratories thanks to the winning projects of the PGMO calls subsequently found outlets in non-academic research.

    In other words, this program has had an impact, albeit modest in terms of the number of individuals involved, but significant when one considers how difficult it is for holders of a PhD in academic mathematics to go on to work in industry. It was largely with the idea in mind of broadening the latter question, without restricting it to the sole thematic field of optimization and its uses in data science, that the FMJH decided in 2021 to evolve its sponsorship and create a Strategic think tank.

    Made up of representatives from the socio-economic world, this think-tank helps the FMJH to formulate relevant initiatives to bring doctoral students and holders of doctorates closer to the business world. For example, it is involved in the development of the MathTech program, which aims to do just that. It also enables current or potential sponsors to be associated with the FMJH's reflection on its actions to fluidify the Maths/Company relationship on the Paris-Saclay Campus, as well as with Maths/Company events that the FMJH supports or organizes.