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    "Mathématiques et Applications" Master's program

    The " Mathématiques et Applications " Master’s program combines all the graduate program conjointly offered by the Université Paris-Saclay and Institut Polytechnique de Paris in this field.

    The range of thematic and opportunities of all programs and the integration in a single and same master make easier personalized curriculum  and reorientation.

    The master's program is based on the excellence of the mathematics laboratories of the University of Paris-Saclay and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. The variety of research activities carried out in these laboratories allows students to discover from the inside the activity of research in mathematics by confronting open and current problems, in all their diversity. This contact with research is present in several forms: seminars, supervised projects, internships in laboratories or in companies.


    M1 + M2 courses of excellence

    The Jacques Hadamard course of excellence covers the entire thematic field of mathematics. It is limited in number and its main goal is to lead students to a doctorate after the master's degree. The pursuit of a thesis at the end of the master's program is conditional on obtaining a doctoral grant.

    M1+M2 courses

    Although the six M1+M2 courses are designed over two years, at the end of the first year, it is possible to go on to one of the M2 courses in the field, subject to acceptance by the course leaders. It is also possible to join the M2 from another M1, also subject to acceptance.

    M1 Course

    In addition to the M1+M2 courses, three M1 courses are offered for an initial orientation: fundamental mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematics in interaction.

    M2 Course

    About ten of finalities are offered in M2, covering the entire field of mathematics. The courses are more specialized than those of the first year and are close to research in order to prepare students for further study in a doctorate program or for one of the many careers available to young mathematicians, whether in academia or in the corporate world.



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