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    The aim of this program is to offer individual mission funding to EDMH doctoral students, regardless of their host laboratory or registration institution, to take part in scientific events with a high doctoral training content (e.g. summer schools and other seasons).

    This program is intended for missions costing more than 200 euros. For lower amounts, you can apply for other sources of funding, such as the EDMH budget allocated annually to your laboratories.

    We recommend that you first request all or part of the financial support from the conference organizers, who often have a specific budget for doctoral students, in particular for accommodation costs. To do this, you need to get in early, and keep an eye on the application deadlines with the organizers.

    Please note that applications are examined on an ongoing basis by the FMJH steering committee, which relies on the advice of a jury. To give the jury time to examine the applications, applications must be submitted at least 14 days before the next steering committee meeting. Late applications will be examined at the next steering committee meeting (see calendar). Late applications may even be rejected if they have no chance of being processed in time to fund the project.

    If you are awarded funding, it will be forwarded to your laboratory no later than 4 weeks after the date of the FMJH Steering Committee meeting. Your laboratory will not be able to book your tickets until it has received the money from the FMJH.

    Please bear these deadlines in mind and ANTICIPATE when making your request!

    At the same time, you'll need to submit your mission order to your laboratory.

    If you have any problems, please contact EDMH.


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