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    Two calls for applications per year

    Each academic year, there are two successive calls for applications for the following year's scholarships:

    1. First call from October to the end of January: this is designed to encourage incoming mobility within the Paris-Saclay perimeter, and therefore only concerns students from outside this perimeter. Please note that international students (from outside Europe) must apply for a visa. All information on Campus France

    2. Second call from February to early June: this only concerns "interns", i.e. students already studying within the Paris-Saclay perimeter.

    ► All applications will be examined impartially and without discrimination based on geographical origin. In line with the FMJH's action plan for professional equality (referral), the jury pays particular attention to the proportion of female prizewinners.


    The application form

    It must be completed online (a link to the webform is indicated below when the call is open). It includes :

    * Personal information (surname, first name and current postal address);

    * The name of the Master's program for which the student is applying;

    * Transcripts from each institution previously attended during the Bachelor's degree and the first year of the Master's degree (or equivalent);

    * Academic CV;

    * Names and addresses of two referees;

    * A study plan: this document explains who you are and what you expect from your higher education. Your interest in the field and your career goals will be detailed. You can use this document to clarify any unusual elements in your CV or transcripts (maximum two pages).

    Subject to eligibility, the online application form allows you to apply for a PhD Track scholarship at the same time.

    Apply for a PhD track scholarship


    Eligibility criteria

    All students wishing to enroll in the "Mathematics and Applications" Master's program (M1 or M2) at the University of Paris-Saclay or the Institut Polytechnique de Paris are eligible (excluding the "Formation à l'Enseignement Supérieur en Mathématiques" program). All applications are examined.

    Applicants from outside the Paris-Saclay perimeter must apply in the first call for applications, especially international students (from outside Europe) to facilitate visa processing. They should also contact their embassy or consulate to obtain a CAMPUS France file number. This administrative formality is a prerequisite for applying for a student visa in France.

    Applicants are selected on the basis of academic criteria, evidenced by transcripts and letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are automatically requested from the referees indicated by applicants as soon as their application has been validated.

    With regard to the formalities involved in registering students for the Master's program of their choice, it is imperative that all scholarship applicants complete their online application at the same time. Depending on your choice of Master's degree, you should consult the terms and conditions on the Université Paris-Saclay or Institut Polytechnique de Paris websites.

    See terms and conditions of the scholarship



    Second call for applications

    Deadline: 26 May 2024

    Your referees must submit their letter on 2 June 2024 at the latest. Please take this into account when submitting your application so that they have sufficient time to upload their letter in the webform. Recommendation letters received after the deadline won't be considered.


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