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    FMJH Care incoming mobility scholarships

    The FMJH offers scholarships to enable excellent foreign students with limited resources to join its Bachelor's or Master's programs in mathematics.


    This program is open to international students. Priority is given to those who have not yet studied in France, but all situations will be examined sympathetically. The program provides scholarships of 11,000 euros per year. If they so wish, each recipient will also be accompanied by a mentor during their studies. A jury selects candidates according to criteria of excellence and financial need.


    pplications are made in two steps:

    • Step 1 : sponsorship by a teacher-researcher within the FMJH perimeter. The teacher-researcher sponsors the student by sending an e-mail to contact@fondation-hadamard.fr. The e-mail must include the student's name, a contact e-mail address, a statement justifying the application and, if applicable, the name of a local mentor.

    • Step 2 : Student application. The sponsored students will then be contacted to complete their application. They will be asked to provide their academic file, a letter from a local referee justifying the application (student excellence and financial need) and a letter of motivation. Students are asked to explain their situation in this letter, and to take particular care to describe their interest in studying mathematics.

    Call for applications 2024:

    Colleagues wishing to sponsor a student are invited to do it until 16 June 2024. With regard to students wishing to be hosted because of the war in Ukraine, it should be noted that the study project envisaged can be carried out not only in an institution within the FMJH perimeter but also in a Paris-Centre institution located within the FSMP perimeter. The FMJH has indeed an agreement with the FSMP that will enable the winners of a Paris-Centre study grant to be monitored and supported by the FSMP.