Budding maths day

The FMJH has taken the initiative to organize a day of popularization and information on research in mathematics. This « Budding maths » day took place on January 18 at the IHES. It is intended for students at the L3 level in mathematics within the Paris-Saclay area. The idea is to present them a lively and varied image of what research in mathematics is in order to give them the taste to get involved. Third year undergraduate students of the Paris-Saclay Campus: come and dream your mathematical future!

Thank you all for participating at the Budding Maths Day!

Below are the presentations available:



  • Diaporama Maths en Herbe_1
  • Diaporama Maths en Herbe-2
  • Diaporama Maths en Herbe-3
  • Diaporama Maths en Herbe-4
  • Diaporama Maths en Herbe-5

Photos will be taken during the "Budding maths" day at the IHES. The company Mandarine will be present throughout the day to make a film report on the event. If you do not wish to appear in the video or photos, please contact us at the following address: contact@fondation-hadamard.fr or come forward on the day. These elements will be used in the framework of the FMJH communication policy.