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    Research in Pair

    This program will help financing one or two weeks long exchanges for a precise scientific research collaboration between Chinese and French mathematicians of the network of institutions involved in the SFRPM. It is expected to have a common publication as an outcome of the collaboration.



    Intensive Workshop Program for Young Researchers

    The SFRPM supports an Intensive Workshop Program for Young Researchers. It aims to organize workshops focusing on certain topics with active participation of young researchers. In principal, the workshops could be under various forms (Séminaire Bourbaki type, Arbeitsgemeinshaft type as in Oberwolfach, …). Each workshop is expected to produce some scientific outcomes (for instance, lecture notes, a survey article or book clarifying a recent work, etc.).

    The organizing committee of an Intensive Workshop Program for Young Researchers should mainly consists of junior researchers, with at least one Chinese and one French senior researchers belonging to the departments of the founding members of the SFRPM involved.



    The Chinese-French class

    The FMJH is a co-signer with the FSMP of an agreement with the University of Hefei (USTC) to host students from the Sino-French class in Paris (in a broader sense, covering the Paris-Saclay campus) at master's and doctoral level: http://cfmath.ustc.edu.cn/main.htm

    The existence of this class and of this agreement (which was renewed on October 26, 2023) is largely due to the joint work and determination of Xiaonan Ma (professor at Université Paris-Cité) and Xinan Ma (professor at USTC).

    Let's hope that this agreement will benefit young Chinese mathematicians who, in due course, like the Ma brothers, will also be able to strengthen the links between the Chinese and French mathematical communities.

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