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    The FMJH would like to support the setting up of mentoring systems for young women studying L3 mathematics within its perimeter. Following the example of the Maryam Mirzakhani Junior Prize, the aim is for each student to be offered a mentor to help her build her project. We believe that the L3 year is a pivotal one, in which it is important for students to be supported and encouraged, in order to build and imagine their future.

    Methods: This program is aimed at L3 mathematics course leaders within the FMJH perimeter. We are proposing to provide release time for the person in charge of organizing the sponsorship system, as well as for the sponsors.

    Call for applications: Course coordinators are invited to send a request for financial support by e-mail to: contact@fondation-hadamard.fr.
 The request must include an estimate of the number of female students involved, as well as the number of hours of discharge requested per sponsored student (2h ed.TD maximum).