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    These grants are intended to support two types of outgoing mobility:

    MathTech gap years

    MathTech gap years are an opportunity for mathematics students on the perimeter. In view of the fact that, in certain situations, these gap-years can lead to financial difficulties, the FMJH is offering support grants to Math-Tech laureates.

    Terms and conditions:

    This program is aimed at MathTech program laureates for whom the months spent taking a gap year have led to financial difficulties (suspension of a grant following the gap year, etc.). These scholarships amount to 1,000 euros per month of gap year. A jury will select applications based on the student's academic record and financial situation.


    When applying for the MathTech gap years program, students must have indicated that they wish to apply for an FMJH Care scholarship. If they are successful in the gap-year program, they will be contacted to complete their scholarship application. He or she will then have to justify why taking these months off will change his or her financial situation.


    Research stays

    The FMJH offers a grant for students in the "Mathematics and Applications" Master's program on the Paris-Saclay campus who wish to spend a short research period outside the Paris-Saclay area, as part of their course.


    This program is aimed at students who would not be able to go without this assistance, and who are unable to obtain funding from other sources. Funding must be justified and may not exceed 500 euros per month for a maximum of 3 months. The research trip must be an integral part of the student's training (research project associated with a course, for example). Internship's compensation is not eligible for funding (it must be financed by the host institution).


    Applications are made on an ad hoc basis by the course coordinators. They are responsible for notifying us of students in financial difficulty for outgoing mobility, justifying both the student's level and the interest of the research stay in the student's training, by writing to the following address: contact@fondation-hadamard.fr.

    The student will then be contacted by FMJH to clarify and justify his/her needs. The FMJH Care jury decides on the application, and the amount of funding is then validated by the FMJH steering committee.