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    Budding maths day 2023

    The FMJH took the initiative of organizing a day of popularization and information on mathematics research. This "Maths en herbe" day took place on January 18 at the IHES. It is aimed at L3 mathematics students from the Paris-Saclay area. The idea is to present them with a lively and varied picture of what mathematical research is all about, so as to inspire them to get involved. 

    Thank you all for taking part in this Budding maths day!

    Please find below the presentations available:

    • Diaporama Maths en Herbe_1
    • Diaporama Maths en Herbe-2
    • Diaporama Maths en Herbe-3
    • Diaporama Maths en Herbe-4
    • Diaporama Maths en Herbe-5