Prix de thèse 2016



Pauline Sarrabezolles obtained her PhD thesis in Applied Mathematics at Université Paris-Est and ENPC ParisTech under the supervision of Frédéric Meunier.
The title of the thesis is "colorful linear programming" and it stands at the intersection of discrete mathematics, combinatorics, optimization, graph theory and algorithmics.
Colorful linear programming is an extension of linear programming where the variables are assigned to different categories (colors) and their number in each category is bounded.
It has many applications in geometry and complex optimization problems.
She studied the complexity of some algorithms like a colorful version of the simplex algorithm and proved a combinatorial conjecture in connection with the colorful Carathéodory theorem.
The jury was impressed by the unique combination of various skills used by Pauline Sarrabezolles to solve these problems.



Bruno Ziliotto obtained his PhD thesis in Applied Mathematics at Université de Toulouse under the supervision of Jérôme Renault. Its title is "Stratégies et paiements de long terme dans les jeux répétés à deux joueurs" and it is concerned with asymptotics of repeated zero-sum games, possibly with stochastic aspects. In particular it disproves a long-standing conjecture on the existence of a limit value and of a limit optimal strategy for the player. By the dynamic programming approach, this result has a link with the homogenization of stochastic Hamilton-Jacobi equations. More precisely, Bruno Ziliotto also found a striking counter-example of a non-convex Hamiltonian for which no stochastic homogenization occurs. The jury particularly appreciated the various and deep results obtained in different areas of mathematics and optimization.


Le jury 2017 est présidé par Grégoire ALLAIRE  :

Membres nommés par la ROADEF

Eric Gourdin, Orange Labs
Christelle Jussien, Université d'Angers
Aziz Moukrim, UTC

Membres nommés par la SMAI

Francis Bach, INRIA Paris--Rocquencourt
Maitine Bergounioux, Université d'Orléans
Michel de Lara, ENPC

Membres du nommés par le Conseil Scientifique du PGMO

Marianne Akian, INRIA Saclay--Ile-de-France
Grégoire Allaire, École polytechnique
Marie-Christine Costa, ENSTA