Prix de thèse 2014



Daniel HOEHENER prepared his PhD thesis at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) on "Conditions d’optimalité pour des problèmes de contrôle optimal avec contraintes d’états'' (Optimality conditions for some optimal control problems with state constaints), supervised by Hélène Frankowska. His thesis includes several original results about second order conditions, proven under more general assumptions than the results already existing in literature, expressed in primal form, and involving both state and control constraints. The jury committee was impressed by the novelty of the results in a very technical domain, which also gave rise to excellent publications.



Miquel OLIU BARTON also prepared his PhD thesis in Paris 6, under the supervision of Sylvain Sorin. The dissertation, on  "Jeux dynamiques à information incomplète en temps discret et continu" (Dynamical games with incomplete information in dicrete and continuous time) is mainly devoted to the long-time behavior in differential and repeated games and control problems, and to games with lack of information. The jury committee appreciated the impressive amount of works and the novelty of the results, and in particular the new proof that M. Oliu Barton gave of the existence of a limit for the value in discounted games, with new and self contained techniques.


Le jury 2014 est présidé par Filippo SANTAMBROGIO  :

  • Jerome Bolte, Pierre Cardaliaguet  et Jean Bernard Lasserre pour la SMAI
  • Pierre Lemaire, Frédéric Meunier et Safia Kedad-Sidhoum pour la ROADEF
  • Alexandre d'ASPREMONT, Roberto WOLFER et Filippo SANTAMBROGIO pour le PGMO