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    Greater Paris Postdocs in Mathematics Welcome Day

    The Greater Paris Postdocs in Mathematics Welcome Day is an annual event co-organized by FMJHFSMP, and IHES. As the name suggests, this event is open to all local postdocs in Mathematics.

    The goal of the Welcome Day is to:

    • Provide young mathematicians with an opportunity to meet their colleagues;
    • Help newcomers find out more about the mathematical environment in the Paris region, including possible funding opportunities for future research projects;
    • Give an overview of the French (academic) job market.

    This year, the event will take place on October 17th at IHES. The program can be found below.

    Registration is free but mandatory. 

    Scientific Program

    A Glimpse of Algebraic Geometry and the Interplay of Log Calabi-Yau Geometry and Cremona Maps by Eduardo Alves da Silva

    Counting Curves Virtually by Amanda Hirschi

    Computational Complexity, Compositionality, and the Lambda-Calculus by Gabriele Vanoni

    An Introduction to Statistical Fairness by Solenne Gaucher

    An Introduction to Mathematical Relativity by Arthur Touati