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    MathTech Program

    ► Grants offered to attend the "Digital Tech year" program

    You are a student in mathematics, in Master 1 or in PhD,

    You are curious to confront your training in mathematics to the socio-economic world,

    You are interested in a gap year,

    The MathTech program is for you!

    The Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard subsidizes gap years(*) up to 1,300 euros per candidate to follow the "Digital Tech Year" program (registration fee of 1,750 euros).

    This program is intended for students enrolled in the Master's degree in Mathematics and Applications co-accredited by the University of Paris-Saclay and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, or in the Hadamard Mathematical Doctoral School (EDMH), who have so far studied rather fundamental aspects of mathematics and who wish to complete, during a gap year, this initial training with a new experience allowing them to understand and appreciate the application of mathematics to the socio-economic world, in particular through the numerous applications of Artificial Intelligence.

    The "Digital Tech Year" program offers you a one-semester training course allowing you to develop three concrete applications proposed by industrialists and then allows you to carry out a 6-month paid practical immersion in a company, start-up or large group in France or abroad.

    The jury will select the applications according to the training project (if you are in a master's program, your intention to pursue a doctorate will be particularly appreciated), your motivation and your academic results.

    To apply :

    • If you are in Master 1: Call 2021 closed.

    • If you are a PhD student: submit your application (Applications to be submitted throughout the year) Application form


    (*) The gap year allows a student to temporarily suspend his or her higher education training while remaining administratively registered at his or her original institution and maintaining student status.

    More legal information

    For any questions, thank you for contacting us 



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    Class of 2021


    To our 7 winners of the MathTech 2021 program for their inclusion in the Digital Tech Year program.