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    The FMJHCare program is aimed at students who are of an excellent level but have difficulties in accessing mathematics training or in projecting themselves into this type of course. It was born, for example, from the fact that, every year, brilliant foreign students have to give up studying mathematics in France for financial reasons or that a certain number of young women have difficulty considering a future in mathematics as possible.

    The FMJH wishes to support and encourage these students at the Master level as it has always done on the basis of excellence but also from the Bachelor level. The objective is to facilitate their access to mathematics courses within the FMJH perimeter and to help them build their training project.

    The FMJHCare program has three components:

    Sponsorship: Mathematics in the feminine plural

    The FMJH wishes to support the implementation of sponsorship systems for young women studying in L3 mathematics within its perimeter. Following the example of the Maryam Mirzakhani Junior Prize, the objective is that each student who wishes to do so be proposed a sponsor, who will play the role of mentor, in order to help her build her project. We consider that the year of L3 is a pivotal year, in which it is important that students are accompanied and encouraged to build and imagine their future.

    Modalities: This program is aimed at those in charge of L3 mathematics courses within the FMJH perimeter. We propose to take charge of the hours of discharge for the person in charge of the organization of the sponsorship system, as well as for the sponsors.

    Application: The leaders of the streams are invited to send a request for financial support by email before June 20, 2022 midnight to: contact@fondation-hadamard.fr

    The request must contain an estimate of the number of students concerned as well as the number of hours of discharge requested per sponsored student (2h ed.TD maximum).


    Support for incoming mobility : FMJHCare Scholarships

    The FMJH offers scholarships to enable excellent foreign students with limited resources to join the Bachelor's or Master's degrees in mathematics within its perimeter.

    Terms: This program is intended for foreign students who have not yet studied in France. It provides scholarships of 5,000 euros per year for a Bachelor's degree application and 10,000 euros per year for a Master's degree application.  Each winner will also be offered to be sponsored during his/her studies by a mathematician who will act as a mentor. A jury selects the applications, according to criteria that include excellence and financial need.


    Applications are made in two stages:

        Step 1: Sponsorship by the channel leader. They send an email to contact@fondation-hadamard.fr, before June 20th midnight. The e-mail must include the student's name, a contact e-mail address, a notice justifying the application and, if applicable, the name of a local referent.
        Step 2: Student application. In a second step, the sponsored students will be contacted to complete their application. They will have to provide their academic file, a letter from a local referee justifying the application (excellence of the student and financial need) and a letter of motivation. Students are asked to explain their situation in this letter and to take particular care to describe their interest in pursuing a course in mathematics.


    Outgoing mobility support : MathTechCare Fellowships and ad hoc support   

    • MathTechCare Scholarships

    The Math-Tech gap year is an opportunity for the mathematics students of the perimeter. Following the observation that, in certain situations, these months of gap year cause financial difficulties, the FMJH offers support grants to the Math-Tech program laureates concerned.

    Terms: This program is intended for Math-Tech program graduates for whom the months of gap year cause financial difficulties (suspension of a grant following the gap year, etc.). These grants amount to 1,000 euros per month of gap year. A jury will select the applications according to the student's academic record and financial situation.

    Application: The student must have indicated at the time of application to the Math-Tech program that he/she wishes to apply for a Math-Tech-Care scholarship. If they are successful in the gap year program, they will be contacted to complete their scholarship application. The student will then have to justify the reason why the fact of doing these months of gap year changes his/her financial situation.


    • Temporary support for outgoing mobility

    The FMJH offers occasional support for master's students who wish to carry out a short research stay outside the perimeter of the FMJH, as part of their curriculum.

    Terms: This program is intended for students who would not be able to go without this assistance and who cannot obtain funding elsewhere. The funding requested must be justified and may not exceed 500 euros per month for a maximum of 3 months. The research trip must be an integral part of the student's training (research project associated with a course, for example). The financing of internships is excluded (necessarily financed by the host institution).

    Application: Applications are made on an ad hoc basis by the course directors. They inform us of students in financial difficulty for an outgoing mobility, justifying both the level of the student and the interest of the research stay in the student's training by writing to the address: contact@fondation-hadamard.fr.

    The student will then be contacted by the FMJH in order to specify and justify his/her needs. A jury will decide on the request.