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    Post-Doc call for applications FMJH / LMH

    The Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard (FMJH) and the Labex Mathématique Hadamard (LMH) offer two-year fundings for talented students wishing to pursue a post-doctoral stay in one of the mathematics laboratories affiliated to the Foundation or Labex:

    CMAP et CMLS (Ecole Polytechnique) / Centre Borelli (ENS Paris-Saclay) / CREST (ENSAE) / FdM (CentraleSupélec) / GAMMA (INRIA), IPhT (CEA-Saclay) / LAG (IHES) / LaMME (UEVE/ENSIEE) / LMO (Faculté des Sciences d'Orsay) / LMV (UVSQ) / LTCI (TélécomParisTech) / M3DISIM (INRIA) / MaIAGE (INRA) / MATHEXP (INRIA team) / MIA Paris-Saclay (AgroParisTech) / SAMOVAR (TélécomSudParis) / UMA (ENSTA).

    • The salary is about 25,000 € net per year. The laureates can be asked to give 20 hours per year of tutoring to undergraduate or master students. The commitment will begin in October 2023.

    • The laureate will be nominated by the LMH labex and the FMJH steering committee, after examining the application files by a qualified selection panel.

    To facilitate your research, you can consult the interactive map of mathematical research on the Paris-Saclay campus.

    Even if the call for applications is common to the FMJH and LMH, the examination of application files is carried out by juries specific to the FMJH and LMH.

    If you apply by proposing your own mathematical research program, you will be asked in the online form to indicate whether your application relates to one of the four themes promoted by the LMHor if your research program falls outside these four themes and then comes under the FMJH.

    The LMH alternatively allows you to apply on subjects proposed by researchers in the perimeter. They are listed in the attached table.

    MathInGreaterParis programme 

    The FMJH is laureate of Cofund program with the FSMP and the Labex Bézout : MathInGreaterParis

    Find the call for applications here .


    Recipients 2023

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    Exceptional call for applications POST-DOC

    As part of its sponsorship program, the FMJH receives the support of Microsoft Research to promote progress in an emerging field: formalized mathematics. The FMJH is thus able to finance a one-year post-doc starting September 1st, 2022 (possibly negotiable) who will be assigned to the Laboratoire de Mathématiques d'Orsay with Patrick Massot as scientific contact. The annual net salary before taxes will be about 28 900 euros. The subject is described in detail below.

    The laureate is Mr Kyle Miller.